the BIG room
  • $100 per session
  • 9m x 4m
  • Acoustically engineered using Autex 50mm and 25mm sound panels throughout 
  • PA system is HK 15inch Pro Linear powered speakers with Soundcraft Signature 22 channel mixer


Sound qualities include:

  • Sound testing and installation and design by Prosound Production
  • Room is sponsored by Autex Industries
  • Shure SM58 microphones 
  • Proel (600w) foldbacks
  • Over $13k of soundproofing in this room
  • Recording available


  • the BIG room dimensions 9m x 4m

  • panels are made from recycled plastic bottles

  • $13,000 of acoustic panelling

  • Sound testing, installation and design by Prosound Productions

  • band practice, meetings, dance or yoga classes etc